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Metal hammer- HIM "Tears On Tape" 2013 Fanpack Tracklist

Metal hammer Presents HIM:
Tears On Tape Fanpack Tracklist:

Unleash The Red
All Lips Go Blue
Love Without Tears
I Will Be The End Of You
Tears On Tape
Into The Night
Hearts At War
Trapped In Autumn
No Love
Drawn & Quartered
Lucifer's Chorale
W.L.S.T.D. (!)
Kiss The Void
Buried Alive By Love*
The Kiss Of Dawn*

*recorded live in the studio

The album’s artwork, which artist Daniel P Carter describes as having come about via "a series of strange coincidences involving Lee Dorrian, sacred geometry and the ramblings of a madman” is revealed below:

"I think Ville and I share similar interests in a lot of the more esoteric things” says Dan, "so working on the art was an intense and exciting collaboration…”.

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