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Самые ожидаемые альбомы года (HIM in Revolvermag 4.03.2013)
2013 Preview: The Most Anticipated Albums of the Year
2013 is going to be a good year. How do we know? Because some of the biggest, badass-est bands in hard rock and heavy metal are set to drop new bombs over the following 300-plus days. Read on to see just what we mean–and get fucking psyched.

TITLE: Tears on Tape
Last year Finnish band HIM released a compilation, XX: Two Decades of Love Metal, while drummer Gas Lipstick recovered from a repetitive-strain injury. Vocalist Ville Valo told Revolver the band is ready to get back on the road with new material and said, "It’s exciting in a good way, like, the butterflies in my stomach are the size of fucking giant bats! So that’s a good sign. It means we really care about what we’re doing.”
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