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HIM Soundi 19.09.2012
-How great to see you! You are fresh from the shower.
I have to confess that actually I'm sweating. I have just carried loads of beer and other alcoholic drinks to the place where I'm going to interview the band. It's important that we don't run out of drinks when we are diving into the world of HIM.
An hour later the whole band have taken off their clothes. I feel like a prophet. We are wondering, if we should move to Katmandu. Linde tells that he have been there.
An hour from this, we are wondering if HIM is a cult, where certain astronomical elements meet. The laws of the cult is different from other rules, the world of dreams become reality.
The next day, 11:30 am Linde opens the door and is the last member of the band leaving. The interview is over.

HIM is already twenty years old. That is impressive for any band, but the band members assure me, that you don't even notice the time passing by. When you do something with great intensity, time flies and you don't even notice, says Ville Valo. We have had a million things and a lot of changes, both good and bad. I have speculated over this with a few friends, if it is like this for everyone or just for rock musicians. The rhytm of life is different.

Does this mean, that we have an artist's celebration? Mige asks. No, says Ville. Artist's celebration is a happy celebration of all the accomplishments of the artist career, continues Burton.

-Well, we have been gay so many times, also with Juho (the journalist), Ville Valo says.
Okay, maybe now is the time to correct the rumours. When I was writing the book "Gone with the sin” about HIM ten years ago, Ville and I were making an television interview for ATV. We told them that during making of the book, we had lived together for six months, lying in the bed naked watching television. This wasn't true, obviously, but afterwards the rumours about our sexual orientation started to circulate in the net. The power of the television is huge!-So, do you still have a love nest in Key West? Asks Mige. Certainly not!

So, in the end you can see that there haven't been much peace during the time with HIM, says Ville. As strange as it seems, the most peaceful and yet stressfull time have been the time, when Gas couldn't play because of his hand. For a few months he couldn't even carry a jar of milk, but for eight months he couldn't play drums...I'm certain it was psychosomatic! Ville says.
It's possible, says Gas. The recovery took time, and I was worried about if I can play at all.

But otherwise life haven't been too peaceful, Ville continues. As a creative person, there can be times when things are very difficult for you, you are trying to find yourself.
I have to admit, that I am very nervous about the future. It's not only because we haven't played for a while, but the whole thing about making a new album.. But it's not a negative thing, it is good to have a little pressure.
Now all these things come in the same time, the collection album, four gigs around New Year in Tavastia, the new studio album and the health problem of Gas.
The upcoming collection Two Decades Of Love Metal have twenty HIM songs, through the whole career of the band. There is one new song, Strange World originally from Ké. - We didn't have much choice about the songs, says Ville. I see the album as an introduction to new people. You should put the best song in the album, and often they are the ones played in the radio. Of course there is some songs, we couldn't fit in the album. This album is for new fans, and people with bad memory!

HIM entered the studio in the beginning of september for the new album Tears on Tape. Ville tells, that the music is basically ready. Now we are going through the songs, making small adjustments and trying to make as good HIM-album as possible. We have a tight schedule, we want the album to be out in february-march. We don't even have a record company at the moment, so that is also one thing we try to work out. That is mostly the worry of our manager Seppo Vesterinen. These days it is no longer so important to have a big record company. It is more important that the people working in the company actually care about the band. That was our problem with Warner. The people working with us were constantly changing, and we were all the time feeling like "what the fuck is going on now?” We couldn't concentrate to the most important thing, making the music.
- But now it is Seppo who decides! We are just pawns in his game, Mige says.
This must be familiar problem for many bands, I point out.
On the other hand, it is pointless to complain about the music industry, says Ville. Music is music, and that is the most important thing. We like Maiden, Sabbath and many other bands..Bisnes is for other people. We should think about the music, not the taxes.
It is interesting that music doesn't sell like it used to. Bands have to go on tour all the time. There is excess of gigs, and the bands are themselves suffering from it. But you can still do the thing you like the most, music. You just have to decide what's the most important thing and make time for it.

And I get it, when a young guy has the possibility to download music for free, he will do it. Ville says. -I wouldn't ! Says Mige.- But that's because you are old school.

The last gig HIM played together was Sonisphere- festival two years ago. After that the band members didn't see eachother regularly. But last summer they were again spending lots of time together, rehearsing the new songs. They are also eager to start touring again. In the same time, they want to become even better at what they do. The band has neer been satisfied just doing the same thing over and over again. We want to do something Tolkienlike, go from the Hobbit to the Two Towers, says Ville. From difficulties to the victory!

It is sometimes suprising, how things work out themselves. When we were again playing together this summer, we found new features in our music. I can't analyze it, it's like our music, you can't describe it, you just have to listen to it, tells Burton.
That's true- we are like Type O Negative, just worse, Ville continues.

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