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Interview with Ville Valo (REVOLVER - 27.02.2023)

REVOLVER Fan First Podcast
HIM's Ville Valo on Black Sabbath, Type O, New Solo Album, Music That Made Him
00:00 Guns ‘n’ Roses karaoke & Barry White
02:12 Formative early records, Black Sabbath & Queens of the Stone Age
03:52 Things being wrong in a perfect way
05:53 Getting whimsical, otherworldly and naive (with cool, demonic blue eyed wildness)
07:43 The “Neon Noir” writing approach
08:55 A sonic excuse to exist; stealing riffs
09:59 Black Sabbath and Birmingham, HIM and Finland
12:26 Ville as a teenage music fan & the evolution of Nineties music
15:22 The most important things you’ve stolen?
16:35 Writing for his solo project vs. writing for HIM
17:53 What is music without drama?
18:20 Songs at times of love, sorrow, hate, joy
19:38 Songs you hate
21:47 The soundtrack to your first heartbreak
22:15 Meeting Peter Steele & Type O Negative
23:03 The personal, seismic power of the heartagram
25:16 Is life more romantic and dramatic after HIM?
26:16 The darkest time of your life?
29:14 Last meal during the Apocalypse
29:32 The Neon Noir live experience, the end of HIM & the new chapter

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