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HIM - BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA 02.08.2015 (photos, video)

HIM - Majestic Music Club, Bratislava, Slovakia


1) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1624045804541169.1073741874.1476191812659903&type=3

2) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.832709690178664.1073741879.467583203357983&type=3

3) https://www.facebook.com/HimStreetTeamRussiaUkraineBelarus


Right Here In My Arms https://youtu.be/kzDBapFjM_g

Scared To Death https://youtu.be/QNtpxbjyG_M

Gone With The Sin https://youtu.be/f3nNSawXSXk

Heartache Every Moment https://youtu.be/oJrBY42wghw

Tears On Tape https://youtu.be/ayN6k3SY1ag

Kiss Of Dawn https://youtu.be/cpatL9lo2Yo

Your Sweet 666 https://youtu.be/VTSyK8B4XwE

When love and death embrace https://youtu.be/cBbUbLXDpWU


Buried Alive By Love 
Poison Girl 
The Kiss of Dawn 
Into the Night 
Killing Loneliness 
Scared to Death 
Your Sweet Six Six Six 
Join Me in Death 
Bleed Well 
In Joy and Sorrow 
All Lips Go Blue 
The Sacrament 
Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly 
Gone With the Sin 
Wicked Game 
Heartache Every Moment 
Tears on Tape 
Right Here in My Arms 
The Funeral of Hearts 
When Love and Death Embrace 
Rebel Yell 

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