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2013 Preview: The Most Anticipated Albums of the Year
2013 is going to be a good year. How do we know? Because some of the biggest, badass-est bands in hard rock and heavy metal are set to drop new bombs over the following 300-plus days. Read on to see just what we mean–and get fucking psyched.

TITLE: Tears on Tape
Last year Finnish band HIM released a compilation, XX: Two Decades of Love Metal, while drummer Gas Lipstick recovered from a repetitive-strain injury. Vocalist V ... Читать дальше »
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HIM’s Ville Valo: Ace at heart
Finnish Love Metallers (yes, we’re still using it) and former Metal Hammer coverstars HIM performed a brand new track at a show in Helsinki at the Helldone Festival on December 29.
New HIM album Tears On Tape will be out later this year, with production duties coming from Hiili Hiilesmaa in Helsinki’s Finvoxx Studios.

"Basically, we’re making what I’d call ‘modern retro,’” beanie-loving frontman Ville Valo told Revolver about the album, adding that it will sound like "Roy Orbison meeting Metallica.” We wanted it to be nasty, fucked-up, and messy, and have that punk-rock attitude. But then on th ... Читать дальше »
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